Missing Things - VST Amp Rack & Bass Amp - Re-posting

Hi, apologies, I’m reposting this query as it’s been days (I’ve even been on holiday) but still not received any response. So here goes:

Hi again,

New Cubase 10 Pro installation, but I appear to be missing things when I load VST Amp Rack & Bass Amp: I get messages;

Cannot Loate Reverb Impulse file.

Cannot locate Speaker Impulse Response File: FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibray_04.vstsound

I’ve already discovered some missing Halion SE content, and had to find and install files from the Additional Content folder with the installation, but this version of C-Pro offers so much, I’m wondering what else I might have missed. So is there a checklist of ALL content that comes included and where can I check to find anything that might be missing?

Appreciate your help, thanks


I sent you PM.

After my complete install, I am getting all kinds of ‘you are missing’ warning. Come on guys, where do we find this information?


Make sure you have downloaded Full Installer, please.

Are you on Mac or Windows? If you are on Windows, make sure you first unpack the ZIP file. Then install from the unzipped folder as administrator.