Missing tools in the Audio Part Editor

In the toolbox of the Audio Part Editor there is no scissors, mute, or eraser button. How can they be made to appear?

ADDED: it appears I’m opening the Sample Editor. In the Audio menu, “Audio Part Editor” is greyed out. It’s not available. How come?

Because you quite obviously don’ t click on an audio part, but an event. Start reading the manual and you’ll learn a lot of useful things…

You may or may not have noticed that the manual is quite good at naming things, but not at explaining things. I like to think that this forum fills the void.

This part of Cubase is a bit tricky. Watch a few videos on youtube. The tools are there, but when they show up and how to use them will take a little practice. Be patient and the system will fall into place.

Hello, I am facing the exact same issue in Cubase 11.
I have imported a wav file in an audio track.
If I select the audio part it opens in the Audio Part Editor.
But unlike what the manual shows on page 574, many tools are missing in the toolbar.
And especially, if I select a range using the range selection tool, I cannot use it to crop to the selection (and the menu Edit/Range/Crop is grayed out)

I have been looking for hours without any success so far…

I hope someone can help.
Thank you!

Been there too…Select your audio even you want to edit, go to Audio / “Convert event to part” and then you’re done !