Missing tracks unless I real-time export

Never experienced this before. A client contacted me this morning and said the recent mix I sent him didn’t include his vocal track. I assumed I must have left it muted upon export, so exported again. Before sending, I double-checked, and DOH!.. again, no vocal!

I triple-checked all the routing, and everything seems fine. No suspect plugins going or anything. No peaks in CPU Audio performance – the session isn’t running hot at all.

So, running out of ideas, I selected REAL-TIME EXPORT, and boom: the vocal track exported successfully. Tried normal export again, missing the vocal.

Yikes. Obviously, not something one wants to worry about. Any ideas?

I’m using an iMac running Catalina – 10.5.


Is the track Record Enabled (or Monitored) by any chance?

Hey Martin. Awesome to hear from you. Nope, nothing like that. And to be clear: the song PLAYS normally. And exports normally in “real-time,” just not in the regular ole export we all know and love.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I’d look at the plugins you’re running on the track.

I once had a similar issue with a waves plugin

Thanks Manike. As I said, no strange plugins at all running.

Hi Martin.
Indeed. That works. So I assume I should delete preferences? And to be clear, deleting prefs doesn’t erase key commands, correct? Thanks as always, Martin.


OK, it seems, something in your preferences is set so it causes this issue. You can either investigate in the Preferences (my tip is, it’s related to the Monitor settings, but you said Monitor is not enabled, once you export…), or you can delete the preferences.

Preferences delete erases the Key Commands too. But you can make a backup of the Preferences folder first and then copy the wanted files (like the KeyCommands.xml) back to the new preferences folder.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

Hi Martin,
I don’t see that exact file. When I select the library (hidden within GO) >preferences, there is only a folder for Cubase 4 and 7.5, not 10.5, which is what I’m using. But there is a file called com.steinberg.cubase10v5.plist. I assume this is what I’m after? I’ve made a copy to the desktop. But I’m not sure how to extract my key commands, which I’d really rather not lose. Thanks again.


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Hi Martin. Mac Catalina.


Open Finder application. Click to the Go menu and hold down Alt/Opt, to show the (user) Library. Click to the Library item. Then Go to the Preferences. Cubase 10.5 is the one, you are searching for. The *.plist has nothing to do with the preferences.

Hi Martin. Indeed, that’s the path I described. I attached a photo to show that I don’t have a 10.5 folder in that location.

but the image doesn’t show the entire list

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apologies, everyone. I got distracted by those two Cubase folders at the top.


Sort the folder by name, please. :wink: