Missing Unmix Stems in Pro 8 Upgrade

I have upgraded from Pro 7 to Pro 8 but Unmix Stems is not available.
It has been replaced with Unmix Vocals.
Where has it gone? and why has it gone?
The attached image shows 8 Pro on the left and Pro 7 on the right. Where is Unmix Stems?
Thanks for you help.

Can you post a screenshot of the Help | About dialog from your version 8?

Thanks for helping, MrSoundman!

Here is my about window.

I installed Elements, didn’t I?

:frowning: OMG

hmm…pretty sure I did install Pro 8 in the first place.
Either way, I’ve just reinstalled Pro 8 from download assistant, but exactly the same result…no unmix stems.

All you need to do is enter your SL Pro 8 activation code in the eLicenser Control Center :slight_smile:
Since you haven’t entered your Pro license, it launches SL One instead.

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Thanks Robin,
I know i attempted this previously with Download Assistant.
I can see that the activation window doesn’t display correctly, which caused me to miss the final step of activation. aghhhh !! I had selected my license to upgrade but there was no visible prompt to do anything further. This was 2 months of frustration! :frowning:

thanks Robin and MrSoundman!