Missing Variaudio in Cubase 12 Artist

Hi all. I just made the jump and purchased Cubase 12 Artist because I saw that Variaudio is included in Artist now. However, it does not seem to be present in my installation. I’ve read the other threads that are similar to my issue, but those fixes aren’t working for me. In the Editor Inspector, I only have the Hitpoints tab. I cannot right-click on Hitpoints to reveal more options. If I go to the Track Inspector, I am able to right-click on the tabs to select options. Any ideas? Do I need to install it separately or something? I only installed the base program via the Download Assistant, and I don’t see any downloads that appear to be Variaudio. I’m only allowed to upload one screenshot, so I’ve included a few merged together below.

Variaudio is only in Cubase 12 Pro

Either that’s not true, or this is false advertising.

Well, sorry, maybe they changed it but used to be exclusive to Cubase Pro

Try opening the audio editor (not on the bottom), I never use the bottom editor and I can’t help you.

No worries, they just added it to artist in 12.
I still don’t have any luck in the full editor.

right click in the left side (inspector), that’s where you can hide/unhide features

It was me, I’m the dummy. I somehow installed Elements instead of Artist. Thanks for trying to help, Pete!

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