Missing VST plug ins Cubase elements 11

I am new to Cubase 11 and really struggled installing the software (issue with soft e-licenser) but it eventually worked with a workaround which i found.

However I noticed that I have only 1 VST instrument set, the Prologue synth. However, I thought it also had Groove Agent SE, Halion Sonic SE and Sampler track 2.

If I use the Library Manager, it even says “No Libraries Found”.

I do see the VST effects and that seems okay.

Am I missing something here? Do you need to separately install them?

I use a MacBook Pro, i5 with 16GB and OS12.1

Thanks for the help

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, download and install all items from the Cubase Elements folder within Steinberg Download Assistant. Then you will get all components, plug-ins and content.

Brilliant, that was actually quite easy! :smiley:
Thanks for the quick reply Martin.