I recently bought and installed Cubase Artist 10, I’m doing sound engineering and use halion sonic and other plugins at school which I don’t seem to have on My copy of Cubase, I Have the instruments: GrooveAgent, LoopMash, Mystic Prologue and Spector on my copy.

Is cubase not locating the plugin path properly, or are these plugins not included with Cubase Artist10?


Hi and welcome,

Groove Agent is not part of any Cubase. Groove Agent SE comes with all Cubase derivatives.

Other plug-ins are available in Cubase Artist, as listed here.

Try to reinstall Cubase. Make sure you are installing from the Full Installer, and you are installing as Administrator.

I’ve managed to resolve this issue by re opening the downloaded Cubase 10 WinZip file and installing each VST Sound instrument individually. Look for5 a folder called VST Sounds and double click each instrument to install it separately. Hopefully this will help.

Thank you very much exobabe <3

From the zipped installer folder downloaded by the Steinberg Download assistant, I went Cubase 10 > additional Content > Installer and ran the Halion Sonic SE installer, after I restarted Cubase10 I had Halion Sonic as an instrument.

I’ve attached the Halion Installer path I used to my first post above