Mission Control Bug in Mac Dorico Pro 2

Dorico 2 takes up three windows in Mission Control. Not a serious problem but…there it is. LOVING the update!

I guess this must be in High Sierra – I’m in Sierra and Dorico only shows a single window in Mission Control. The Qt framework that Dorico uses has a bug on macOS concerning Spaces, and how empty Spaces can be left behind when closing full screen windows. I suspect there could be some overlap with this issue. We are waiting for a fix from the Qt developers for this issue, which will hopefully make its way into a future update.

Yes, it’s High Sierra.

Hi, I am sure, you are aware, this issue wasn’t solved with Mojave. It is not Dorico specific issue, because Spaces stay black after using Apple native application Logic X as well. But there is one more issue with macOS. Starting Mojave (or some update of it) I am not able to close these spaces manually dragging them down from the Mission Control Center. Does somebody knows how to?

In Mission Control, hover over the black screen/space, and on the top left you should get the icon that resembles two inward arrows (reverse of the “go fullscreen”-button). Click that, and the space should disappear. That’s how I deal with them anyway.