Does it for minor chord too. Doesn’t keep the root C2 for the inversions, instead bumping the C2 up to C3.

I’m not going to go through all of them, don’t really feel like being a tester. Thought I’d report it though.

Hi Rerun,

If i am understand you right you mean the key root labeling “C2”.

For the inscription C2-Inversion you expect the following :

C2 = Basic tone = 1 tone
C2 1st inversion = third = 3 tone
C2 2nd inversion = fifth = 5 tone
C2 3rd inversion = septime = 7 tone

Right ?


In the pics in the first post, I would expect the root notes of the chords with C3 to be shifted down to C2.

For those pics, the pads going left to right in the bottom pic, are the output shown in the top pic. Notice the INV1 and INV2 have the root C note an octave up, while the pad shows they should be C2 and not C3.

Does the same thing with minor chord. I haven’t tested the others, and don’t plan on doing so, though it appears maybe it’s just the inverted chords.

The root note should stay the same. It should not shift up an octave.

Explaining this further…

For the pics in the first post, in INV1 the C3 should be C2, and the other two notes should go down an octave. So it just flips, it’s why they call it inverted. The root note, C2 in this instance, stays in place while the other notes rotate down.

For INV2 C2 stays in place and should be C2 and not C3, as does the E note, which should be E2 and not E3 as shown in the pic. And the only note that flips is the G, which should should be G1.

In short, all notes of INV1 and INV2 should just shift down an octave.

Again, inverted chords keep the root note in place, and just flips the other notes.

Changed the title of the thread to be more clear: Chord inversions output to wrong octave.

This looks like a simple fix, but like I say I haven’t checked them all, so someone will have to go through and make sure the notes output to the correct octave.

Hi Rerun,

I have described as you expected above.

The root note should stay the same. It should not shift up an octave.

That’s different in score notation.

When “C2” is the root key in the score you get as 1st Inversion e,g,c.

In this case on score you play e2,g2,c3.

Inversion in score means shifted up from 1,3,5 to 3,5,1 to 5,1,3

see the Attachement :
C Inversion.png
I know what you mean, we will discuss the chord inversion labeling in the Team.

Thank you for your input,


No my mistake, you are right, I had it wrong.

Late night, brain not working. :open_mouth: