Mistakenly updated through other account

Hi everyone!
Here’s the situation.
I purchased and activated a copy of Cubase Pro 7.5, everything was fine. But when time has come to update the software, I mistakenly bought upgrades through my other Stainberg account which was empty. That’s probably the reason why I have an issue with activating my Cubase Pro 8.5. My eLicense dongle contains information on my Cubase 7.5 license. Is it possible to re-tie updates to my initial Steinberg account?

An activation code for update will update any valid license…not tied to an account in any way.

Update elicenser software first in case this is the problem and if not describe exactly what issue you have with activating your license.


Thank you very much, you has mollified my worries, will try to find a solution of my issue by updating eLicenser software.