Mistery: Can a template file become 'corrupted' over time?

I use a master monster session for everything I do. It’s grown over time. It includes software synths of all kinds for various production uses, group channels for everything I might typically do, and a mastering bus. I’ve stolen this idea from Jean-Yzes Ducornet, producer extraordinaire. (Bruno Mars amongst others.)

Most of the synths and instruments are disabled so that my MacBook Pro doesn’t die upon loading the template. Also a Ducornet recommendation.

In the last few weeks the same template that I have used has become basically unusable. Even with 90% of tracks disabled I am experiencing repetitive CPU spikes. While the typical load is less than 33%, the cpu meter will unpredicatbly and inexplicably spike to 100%, causing audio drops. Similarly, I am getting tons of Audio Buffer error messages while recording.

My trusty template is now completely unusable. Even with the maximum memory buffer setting.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be happening?


Haven’t you update any plug-in, used in the template?