Mit deutscher Tastatur Alt-Strg = Alt Gr

Obwohl ich die englische Version von Dorico habe, benutze ich eine QWERTZ-Tastatur, und vielleicht bin ich der letzte, der die Äquivalenz in Dorico zwischen Alt + Strg und Alt Gr entdeckt, was manchmal hilft, besonders mit Pfeiltasten.



Although I have the English version of Dorico, I use a QWERTY keyboard, and perhaps I am the last to discover the equivalence in Dorico between Alt + Ctrl and Alt Gr, which sometimes helps, especially with arrow keys.

Perhaps you intended to post this in the German-language section of the forum, David?

What’s “Gr”?

Alt gr is the right-hand side alt button on pc. (Alt graphic?)

Ah thanks… Mac user… didn’t know that.

Thanks, Daniel. Since we get quite a few questions here in French, Italian and Spanish, I didnt know there was a German section. I will look for it. (By the way, your translation changed QWERTZ to QWERTY!)



Depending on the national keyboard layout, the AltGr key can produce different characters. This Wikipedia article includes a AltGr character list for various keyboard layouts.

As they say, the French for ‘London’ is ‘Paris’. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but as Steve Martin reminds us, “Those French have a different word for everything!”

(And I’m sure that joke would work in any other language referring to English.)