Mix and master

I put the SuperVision as an insert on my master out channel and configured it for only a loudness meter. It works good and it saves too for future sessions. Its good to see more detailed info. Maybe Steinberg will offer in a future update to make the stereo out fader in the mixer a more fancy configurable item kind of like the SuperVision options…
Anyway I was getting ready to output a simple 1 minute mix of cinema/drama/ambient test piece. I wanted to put the maximizer and the brick wall limiter on the stereo out buss post fader to get the loudness correct. I have the Supervision as a pre fader insert. Or should Supervision
be post fader also??? I want to get the loudness to about -11 and will set the brick wall to -.3 for its limit. I watched some videos. After this move would I really need to master?? …or is -11 not loud enough and if I made a new project with the finished mix and wanted to master again with the maximizer what loudness would you shoot for??

I generally prefer to put pure monitoring plugins as the very last inserts in my chain - so I see what’s really going out, rather than seeing what’s happening before some additional sound manipulation occurs.

Loudness metering definitely has to occur after any loudness manipulating plugins like limiters, compressors and maximizers, EQ, …

Mastering is not only limiting and maximising… it’s way more than this

I looked at a video again by Non Linear Productions on Cubase stuff… When you watch it ,all the tracks are showing so I assumed that the narrator was doing a mix down rendering…but from looking at their website ,the video I screen recorded was probably their mastering video ,not the mix down video.
So all the steps had to do with mastering a 2 track ,Not doing a mix rendering…I might be wrong but I don’t think so. So my questions were
all mis placed. Well I memorized the mastering process anyway… but I better get the mix down stuff learned first…