Mix console and project window - different track order

Hi all,

Is it possible to have a different track list order for my mix console and project window?

I usually have my groups next to my tacks:

I want to divide the track list on project window so I have all the groups on the upper list like this:

But I don’t want my mix console to reflect this. I can’t find a way.

I know I can hide the groups for the project window, but I need them visible.


You can use the Left and Right Zones in the MixConsole.

But I want the groups to stay right next to my channel in the MixConsole but in the project window I want them differently, all groups in the divided track list.
How the Left and Right Zones in the MixConsole will help on this?

It’s not possible afaik. Apart from the Mixer Zones, the channel order always follows the track order in the project window. There’s been numerous feature requests to allow mixer channels to be freely rearranged. I fully support that FR.

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