Mix Console: Any plans for linear phase filters on inputs

As above
The HP filter is pretty dirty when you are just doing input clean ups.

Linear phase filters will add much latency, at least in the low frequency range.


Currently i use ozone as they were the best in terms if quality and ease of use out of all the testung…it has added minimal latency? Its a mixing context…not .realtime/ is of no concern generally and i guess its up to user to consider but after all the testung and hours of research…its important. Even just a null test…terrible…cannot be used to xover mult tracks
In terms of feature gain and confidence in quality…its a no brainer but seems no one else seems interested or cognisant so no to worry
Ill continue with ozone…its actually available free atm

Thanks for your perspective

You didn’t get the point.

The low cut filter is at a crucial point in the signal flow and the users would use it in recording situations. To make it a choice by the user would lead to many complaints about the latency while recording.
People tend to use functions without knowing much about it.

If you know what you are doing, it is easy to use a linear phase low cut, since the Frequency plugin offers this functionality.

It is a foundational tool for sure
Thats why I bring it up as the well placed tool in the interface of mixer is great…the UX is nice
The prob is placing a tool there which just needs to be improved and have an option for min/linear
To have to then add even eg Frequency is the issue when HPLP is often used without eq is more my point…I guess its all about simplifying for a cause

If users knew the actual science and not just the art and considered it…its unlikely it would be used for recording except for those who dont care too much…quick and dirty prob doesnt matter on densely produced music but I have a number of interfaces but route back to a steiny UR interface just to use the onboard dsp in “monitor only” mode so HP is not baked into the tracks; esp with the headroom of 32bit (you just dont need to for very focused/acoustic space)

Some resource for those who might be interested in why its important to me

This is an indicator…but it show very little in real terms

Dont you think just having a min/linear would solve everyones issues? (well mostly :slight_smile: