Mix Console behaving badly


I have been experiencing an annoyance with my Mix Console and was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same.

Every once in a while, I will open a project and the Mix Console opens up in a section where I wasn’t even wanting to see. Sorry for the horrible explanation. Let me try and explain.

I set up my Mix Console with the view that I want to display the Output routing on the racks. I close the project, and reopen it, to discover that the Rack area is displaying Sends or some other random rack. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is annoying.

Lot’s of strange (and not so strange) issues with the new Mix Console.

Yes, I’ve noticed similar issues from time to time. Today the racks would not expand - I could see the rack ‘headings’ but could not view any of the contents. The really annoying thing is that even restarting Cubase didn’t fix it - I had to completely reboot the computer. After that things were back to normal (for the time being, anyway).

Has this been fixed/addressed anywhere? It’s decidedly annoying, and time consuming. Very disruptive.

I have had a problem with resizing the mixer and the project window in 6.5 where it won’t allow me to grab the edge.