Mix Console > Channel Overview does not follow Channel Filter

Here is what I spotted:

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (1803)
Cubase 10 Pro
Open a project with some different channels (Audio, Input, Groups)
Open the Mix Console (F3)
Enable the Channel Overview (if already enabled, disable / enable first)
Verify that all channels are showing as in the mixer (as set in the Channel Filter)
Change Channnel Filter to show only one type of channel, for instance only Audio channels

Check the Channel Overview > it still shows all channels
Now disable and enable the Channel Overview again > it now reflects the filtered view as in the mixer


What do you mean by “Channel Overview”, please?

Channel Overview is just was it says: Channel Overview in the Mixer (F3) > Setup Window Layour and enable the Channel Overview

Once enabled, it will not refelct your selection of Channel Filter. Only if it will be (the Channel Overview) disabled and enabled again, it will reflect the Channel Filter selection