Mix Console faders and buttons not responding Cubase Artist 11

Ok this is annoying- 2 hours ago the mix console started behaving oddly- the faders will not move, the mute/solo/channel editor buttons above the fader will not respond to mouse clicks. The pan slider will not respond. The buttons at the bottom of each track DO respond as they should. I uninstalled/reinstalled Cubase, and opened a project- the faders worked, so I opened the thing I was working on- back to non responsive buttons and faders.
Also- in inspector- it I click the arrow to expand sends, for example- it expands, but will not contract, and the fader will not work in there either.
Any suggestions about what has happened would be appreciated.

I turned the PC off and went away for an hour, came back and unplugged the DC power to the UR44C (got that a few days ago, ‘upgrade’ from UR22C). The light around the output knob flashes, annoying. Started up Cubase and now everything works as normal… See what tomorrow brings.

Started well… did some work… Cubase crashed, lost what I’d done and when I restarted, no faders again. I did try the DC power on UR44C so maybe that’s it.
Ok so that seems to be the problem- using the DC power of a Steinberg brand interface. Set it to use power from the USB and it seems to work. Anyone experienced similar from UR44C? Is there anybody out there?
Cubase Artist 64bit 2021.10.9 (669.9 KB)
Cubase Artist 64bit 2021.10.10 (809.6 KB)


Update to the latest Cubase 11.0.40, please. If it’s still crashing, share the latest 11.0.40 dmp file, please.

Please make sure, your graphic card is Windows 10 compatible and Cubase 11 compatible.

Could you try on Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Thanks Martin, will do - I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hi, this is the situation so far.
As far as I can tell, graphics card is compatible (I built a new system 4 months ago because my laptop was not to spec)
I upgraded Cubase and bought a USB C cable capable of delivering power (the included one makes the output flash) and connected it with that. DC supply was still ‘on’ so I switched it over- no faders, but no crash dump either. Restarted the PC a couple of times, then hard restart - somehow faders work now, DC supply completely disconnected, just runs off USB power fine but it needed a $50 cable… Seems to be working but I haven’t got time right now to do anything over a longer period. I’ll keep you posted, problems have only started occurring since UR44C was connected last week- no issues whatsoever with the UR22C.

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Back to square one… It was working fine earlier, I was recording a guitar track and it crashed in the middle of that, so not happy on the 5th take - dump file attachedCubase Artist 64bit 2021.10.13 (853.4 KB)
. When I restarted the program- no faders (same problems) so I restarted/hard rebooted PC several times, opened a variety of projects each time- no faders.

Then I shut down, disconnected UR44C and restarted – obviously no interface but faders operating as normal so I shut it down, reconnected 44C and restarted. No lights on the interface… WTF? Checked connections, device manager- nothing. Connected DC power- lights on. Switched back to USB power all good, Cubase opened- faders working.

I have been using a few 3rd party plugins but I hadn’t experienced any issues until the interface (and of course I’ve sold the 22c for a loss). I can’t attach the plugin report- upload is not seeing it. When it’s working- all projects functioning as expected, whether they use the plugins of not (and most are not using the 3rd party ones). When it’s not working, it’s the same across all projects I try to open.
I can’t replicate the crash because there seems to be no pattern to it as far as what I’m doing. I can be recording or editing or mixing.


The crash is totally out of Cubase. This is the whole crash stack:


I don’t know what Rhino is.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your time- Rhino is an amp sim/plugin so I will remove that.