Mix Console show up by default

Hey guys - do any of you know how to have your mix console show up by default on your second screen upon template load up?

I know it’s not a hassle to have to click on mix console I open my template - but I just it’d be nice to have it automatically show up and remember its position.


same as !


I saved a template with the mixer filling my second monitor, when I load the template there it is, where it should be.


I also have a couple of issues with the full screen mixer mode … when my mixer is full screen on the second screen,
if I open a plugin and tweak one of the nobs, as soon as I turn the knob, my pointer will appear on the 1st screen instead.
Also, cubase recognise my 2nd monitor as my 1st monitor :s

What!? How!

My routing config is saved and called up in my template. But the mixer is always not showing on template initialization!