Mix console stays on top

I would like to see an option where you can choose to have the mix console on top, because every time i click outside the console, the console disapears, and that is very frustrating and slows the whole mix process down.

for this kind of wishes there is the lower zone mix console, or you can quick rearrange the windows on the screen…
making the mix consoles a modal window (to get it pinned in the foreground ) would kill the workflow of all people with multiple monitor setups

  1. Open the mixer and expand it to full. Then you can simply F3 to go back and forth from Arrange to Mixer. That’s what I do here.

  2. If you need them on the same page you can simply use the Lower Zone which there are key commands to Tab through the sections

  3. If you want to see it all at once laid out the way you want it then Workspaces could work.