Mix Console Top Settings Menu Disappeared

Opened mix console in a separate window. Did a vertical resize of the window by dragging the bottom edge up. Doing this made the settings menu up top collapse and now I can’t get it to show up again.
(using windows 10. cubase pro 9.0.1)

Is there a way to bring the menu back now or have I found a bug?

Note: If you want to try to duplicate this do it on mix console 2 or 3 in case you end up with the same problem.

have you tried the icons on the top of the mixer?if you make the mixer window too short perhaps your screen resolution cannot fit all?

Those icons are what disappeared. That menu strip with the undo/redo, solo, mute, etc icons that sits up top.
I’m running 24" monitors with 1080p.
Tried resizing the window to get them to come back and no love there.

If you could, open mixer 3 so it doesn’t screw up your main mixer and drag the bottom of the window all the way up and see what happens.

Try clicking the “Restore Down” button in the upper right hand corner. That brings them back for me.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for your ideas guys but still no luck. :frowning:
Supposin’ I’ll throw in a bug report.