Mix Console values "wander" upon channel select - why?

I have a perplexing issue with Pan and Volume channel settings changing by small, seemingly random amounts over time, which soon add up to utter chaos. For ex., Channel X Pan is set to ‘C’. But after working for a while, it changes to L4. Then later, it’s say L8. And on and on. Same for Volume, and Sends, and probably everything else for that matter. Current project has 30+ tracks and it’s a nightmare.

As a tedious and unwanted workaround, I set automation values for each track and that has stopped the “wandering”. But what is causing this in the first place?

While writing this post, I discovered that the values change slightly (Pan +/- 1-3, Volume +/- .01-.05db) every time a Track is Selected. Woah. What would cause that? I think this is the source of the problem, but don’t know how to fix it. (This does NOT happen if Read automation is ON.)

Second clue: On any selected Track, the pan and volume sliders “pulse” slightly once every second. This exactly coincides with a MIDI signal in the Midi In I/O monitor. Where is that coming from? I put a Midi Monitor on the track’s MIDI Inserts, but it shows nothing.

BTW, some selected tracks will not allow me to set Pan to C. They go to L1. I get that on some tracks but not others.

I thought perhaps my X-Touch or Metagrid were behind this somehow but turned both off and the problem persists.

Any help much appreciated!

Win 10pro, Cubase 12.0.3


Do you use any Remote Device by any chance, any MIDI Controller?

Yes, this is the issue. I have multiple Generic Remotes, one of which is causing the problem. I am in touch with the developer of Metagrid in hopes of sorting this out. I will post the solution here for other Metagrid users once I have one.
Many thanks for your response!

Even with Metagrid turned off the Virtual MIDI Cable it uses would still be active and a possible source of unwanted data.


Is any of the device hardware?

I have seen here on the forum, some M-Audio hardware send values even if you don’t touch the hardware.

Yes, sort of. I’m using the Metagrid Pro App on an iPad to control CB. I have five (5) Generic Remotes relating to Metagrid, and I believe the one that handles bi-directional midi messages for Pan, Volume, and other “VST Mixer” functions is causing the problem. There may be a midi feedback loop at work, or possibly a conflict with Track Quick Controls and/or VST Quick Controls - I find all that very confusing. I’m awaiting help from the Metagrid Developer. Will post any solution here. Thanks.

I have this same problem. I can get it to stop happening by removing the midi connections from Metagrid Remote 3 (which will also disable the othere commands serviced by it.) Did you ever get any response from the developer that was of any help?

No, the issue remains unresolved, and I never received a definitive response from the developer of Metagrid. He seemed to suggest in one forum post or another that he was working on a “MIDI Remote” solution to replace the “Generic Remote” system, which apparently is flawed. That’s my take on it anyway. I keep checking the MG forum in hopes that a solution will be forthcoming…