Mix console views

Hi I see on cubase 7.5 on one of the drop down menus mix console 2 & 3 , could someone please explain how these work, I changed to 2 which looks better to me but when I press f3 to go from mixer to project view it just toggles between normal mixer and no 2 mixer???

Aloha C,

AFAIK they are exactly the same and are just there for convenience.

Some users will have all audio tracks in one mixer
and display all MIDI tracks in another one etc.

This approach can really help with workflow when using multiple monitors.

However when C7 shipped some users (me included) had some graphics probs with MC #1.
In many cases simply switching to #2 or 3 solved the issue.


if u prefer MC2 u can assign F3 key-command to toggle it (or any other key command for that matter)

So would we just change that in the Key Commands Menu, Mozizo?

All three mixers can be assigned to different key commands. The main mixer F3) is the only one assigned by default now.

Can I change the key command that’s assigned to F3, or is that a sticky to Mixer #1?

Reason I ask is my newish keyboard has this shortcut option, but it opens Mixer # 1 only.

I’d be nice if Mixer 2 or 3 could be assigned to F3 instead. Can that be done?

Did it occur to you that you could just go to the key commands and see?

Yes, of course that occurred to me.
It’s just that I haven’t been able to be at my music computer or even turn it on since Oct. 15.

So I just thought a quick reply here would be handy since the topic was fresh, because whenever I do get back at it, I might forget about it by then - whenever that may be.