mix console visible items control disappeared

I had (inadvertenty) changed the upper zone in the mix console (free-floating, not lower zone) to peak meters, but then I could not get rid of it or change it again, the channel visibility agent feature had simply disappeared … (right click only brought up meter options)
eventually I somehow found a tiny white space on top, and clicking on it brought up (on the left) two fields - visibility and zones. now I can’t get rid of THOSE!
any ideas why and how to fix it?

check visibility / zone in your mixer


yes, on the left side of the mixer are two tabs - visibility and zones. I can turn either one of them off, but I can’t get rid of the whole left side, one of the tabs always remains (and that wasn’t like that before …)

Has nobody experienced this? I can simply not turn off the left-hand zones panel of the mixer (a small thing, but it’s annoying) - the visibility control icon that was available on the top line is simply gone …

here’s a picture
again … how can I get rid of the left side panel?
right clicking on the tab names “visibility” and “zones” brings up a menu with those 2 checked
I can uncheck each one of them (at a time), but the remaining one always stays there and can not be unchecked

It could be your another victum of yet another Cubase 9 bug
If you size a mixer from the bottom eventually the top bar can disappear never to reappear loosing the options to turn off the section you wish to hide.
It has been reported


Just managed to do this while trying to work out how it happened for the OP :unamused:

EDIT: I got it back by selecting a workspace… No help if you’re on Elements though.

If you size a mixer from the bottom eventually the top bar can disappear never to reappear loosing the options to turn off the section you wish to hide.

Yes, that certainly seems to be it. Working in a small workspace of a laptopt this remains to be annoying. I reverted to v.9.01, then re-installed the 9.02 update, but that didn’t fix it.
I could probaby re-install the whole program from scratch, but if I do this, can I keep the settings that I have created (more or less by trial and error) - whch include, in particular, the use of Garritan Orchestra 5 and a couple of 32-bit things via jBridge. Anyway I can make sure this stays the same?
Otherwise - would a Windows system Restore to maybe a week back (this only just happened, and I have installed nothing else since) fix this?

System restore should work
Reinstalling will not
It is a FATAL one way bug if you don’t have existing saved workspaces with the mixer in question as part of that workspace
I simply would not use Cubase 9 at the moment for any work its simply too buggy IMO


Thanks, I might try that. Generally Elements 9 works fine for my (limited /MIDI) purposes. Could also go back to 8 (there wasn’t (for me) that much differece to 9 (this new zones thing isn’t really that useful/necessary …).
However (a little later) … just openened up Elements 8 to see what it looks like, and there were the controls visible. After adjusting a few things to try it out (everything worked), I closed it and opened up Elements 9 and … voila! everything was back to normal in the mixer. Beats me.

That will work
Effectively you’ve loaded the correct layout appearance from 8

Can anyone tell me how to get those panning looks with arrows from this clip?
Or is it just on a Mac?

It’s not a look…it’s a surround panner. If you want that look you’ll have to start working in 5.1 :laughing: