Mix Console Zoom Issue

Mix Console zoom setting is never stored within projects:

I want to see all of my tracks at the same time in Mix Console (no scrolling). So, using Track View, I limit to 27 tracks or groups visible inside my Mix Console and I set the zoom to display usefully and beautifully all of my tracks full length over my screen.

Then I make a specific Mix Console configuration with a specific name, assigning it to a specific position (ie n°1), then a specific Space Work with its specific name for my whole project setup.

Result: every time I open a project, Mix Console always reopens zoomed in which makes some of my tracks hidden. So I have to zoom out Mix Console view every time I open a project.

Sorry if this is a known bug, I tried to make a Forum search but no luck (maybe I’m not too good at it :confused: ). If someone has a link to it, I would be pleased to leave a message there


I remember other areas having the same problem. When I work on a project, then saved and left it in a perfect state, I always have to adjust something when I come back and re-open the project. I would like to see it open in exactly the same state as I left it!

For example, the TC playhead position is such a thing, too. A topic can be found here. Same request, just a different thing: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=237&t=86199

The whole Workspace thing is a disaster area. It has never worked properly.

I don’t understand how Steinberg can take the money but then supply broken features that never seem to get fixed.

N7.1 will not remember which window I put mixer on. If I have (on Mac) two identical monitors side by side, with the set up such that my OS menu bar is on the right screen, I cannot get N7.1 to instantiate any mixer window on the left screen.

This is even if I have just closed it off form that screen.

However, if I re-arrange the OS so that the menu bar is on the left screen (which I don;t want) then N7.1 DOES instantiate on the correct screen (right in this case).

It’s as iff N7.1 refuses to instantiate the mixer window to any window that is to the left of the menu bar carrying window.

Very annoying.

N6.5 does NOT have this issue.


Update - if you enable “displays have separate spaces” in System Preferences/Mission Control, N7.1 will behave correctly with the mixer and windows.

However, I don’t want to have to enable this, I want normal window positioning to be stored and recalled.

A rea show stopper for me.