Mix Console zoom override - YES WE CAN

Did you know that ? I sure didn’t

NOWHERE have I seen this undocumented feature. NOWHERE (am I blind ?)

But today, by coincident, I’ve stumbled upon a little arrow on top right of mix console, which lets one to bypass Mix Console’s zoom, so it’s Bye Bye to accidentally zooming the mixer when the focus should actually be the arrange.

Hmmphh :unamused:

I can’t remember how I came across this, but yeh I’ve been using it since it was implemented. Very useful …

That’s the thing : I can’t remember either. I could have easily agonized (till Cubase 8) for the lack of mixer zoom override, when it was there all along… (haven’t seen anyone saying anything about the included feature… have you ?)

There were a few threads… Steinberg Forums for one. :wink:

Someone may point me in the right direction but; I haven’t seen the Cubase 7.5 manual yet. I will check. But maybe this is why it’s undocumented.

Hey Steve, thanks.

TBO, I would never ever have guessed that this is the solution (not to mention the fact that one has to search among the huge globs of data around here).

So now we have a direct topic about it… “for posterity” :wink:

Maybe there is none ?..

I just checked the Cubase 7 manual : search for “disable the zoom shortcuts” or “zoom shortcut” yields nothing.

In my book it is considered “undocumented FR”.

This is a good one. You should post it here :

And let be it get lost in oblivion, among many many other tips ?

No thanks.

That will defeat the purpose of this topic : To supply the (anguished) user with a quick and dirty answer to a simple question : “How the F#%k do I get rid of the mixer’s zoom feature ?!..”


Thanks for the clarification, I could’nt try It as I am in hollydays…

Can you elaborate ? (if you want)

I sympathize.

I used to call Mix-Console “Mix-Debacle”…

IMVHO, its looks are distracting. I’m not supposed to “look” at it. it should be utilitarian.

I absolutely agree. it is, as SOS’ columnist call it : “risible”…

Well, IMO “zoomable mixer” is simply Implausible (I’m being very gentle here, yes ?..).
Have you EVER seen a “Zoomable” REAL mixer ? I sure haven’t.

I have the feeling that this was a compromise, before we all land in 4K LCD soon. however, this ridiculous concept should be BANISHED. it causes so much trouble that its questionable merits fall apart against the problems it causes.

No. it is simply me happy to not (not ?) having to mistakenly zoom within the mixer.

Oh, unlike you, I think that cramming SO MUCH info (channel strips, inserts, sends, etc etc.) into SO LITTLE physical space (our LCDs) is HORRENDOUS. may I remind you that your LCD is NOT 6m wide/ 1.5m long as a real console.
it is 60 CENTIMETERS by 40 CENTIMETERS (roughly - on average). I have no idea how can someone cope with so much data : pixels…colors… animations… more pixels… more colors… and whatnot.

Someone over at Steinberg HQ should reality check himself, REALLY. this is basic human perception stuff… :unamused:
You have to understand that the human brain WASTES energy on such things. energy that should really be used to CREATE.