Mix Console Zoom Shortcut


This might be something simple I’m missing but if anyone could help, I’d be grateful.

I have an ultra wide monitor and a normal 16x9 monitor. Most of the time I have the mix console on the ultra-wide and the arrange window on the standard monitor, or vice versa. I have shortcuts and macros set up to flip between my different set ups, but one thing I can’t seem to do is to force the mix console always to show me 25 tracks. By default it tries to keep the same zoom level on each monitor, so if I have 25 tracks on the ultra-wide, I’ll only see 14 on the standard. Is there a setting or maybe a shortcut that I can add to a macro, so that no matter the aspect ratio of the monitor, the mix console will always show me 25 tracks?

If you are using Cubase Pro, you can have a separate mixconsole for each screen complete with individual settings.

Yep, thanks for that. Unfortunately, when switching Workspaces, additional Mix Consoles will not appear the second monitor (even if that’s where they were when the Workspace was saved), so you have to manually organise the windows yourself, which makes Workspaces shortcuts pointless.

That would definitely be the perfect solution, if Cubase’s age-old Workspaces and multiple monitors problems were ever fixed.