Mix console

On a project of mine I have the mixer set a certain way with tracks in a particular order and visibility.
When I use the mixer in the zone it is different. I can use the visibility but not put them in the same order.
Can I do this? If not why not?


The order in Zones follows the order in the Project window. So if you put Audio 05 and 06 to the Right Zone, and set the order 06 - 05 in the Projecr window, then the order in the MixConsole (even in the Right Zone) is 06 - 05.

Hi Martin.
I set the order in the project window to work in the way I wanted it to in the full mixer window.
It isn’t the same in the zone mixer, see the pics here:




I see, I got it, now. You mean you want to use mixer Zones in the Lower Zone MixConsole. I’m sorry, this is not possible.

OK mate thanks.
This would be handy though, no? A mirror image of what your doing in the large mixer otherwise it loses it’s usefulness somewhat.