Mix Consoles won't stay linked.

I have Mix Console 2 and 3 linked but every time I use a key command to close and re-open the mixer pages, they become unlinked. Is anyone else experiencing this?

On further investigation, it seems that they stay linked if you open them via the Device menu but if you open them with a key command, they become unlinked. Can anyone else confirm this?

Hi J-S-Q,

I just had this issue myself. Thanks for your post! Here is what I did to fix this:

If you have your workspaces set up like mine, you are probably using one key command for Workspace 1 (your sequence window) and a second key command for Workspace 2 (your linked mix consoles). In order to keep both mix consoles linked in Workspace 2, you also need to make sure that these two mix consoles are linked in Workspace 1 (even though they aren’t seen).

Essentially what seems to be happening is that, when you toggle between Workspace 1 and Workspace 2, your mix consoles become unlinked when you toggle to Workspace 1, and then remain unlinked when you toggle back to Workspace 2. This is because you didn’t save Workspace 1 with both mix consoles linked (even though is irrelevant to why you would be using that workspace). You would think that the link would be saved with Workspace 2, right? But it doesn’t seem to do so. Ugh.

Anyway, the solution in short:

  1. Open Workspace 1 (your sequence workspace), link both mix consoles, bring the sequence window to the front, and update Workspace 1.

  2. Open Workspace 2 (your mix consoles), link both mix consoles, and then update Workspace 2.

Now your key commands should toggle back and fourth between Workspace 1 (your sequencer) and Workspace 2 (your LINKED mix consoles).

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