Mix-down/buses - Motif XF 8 as ASIO via FW-16e

Editing Window Screen Shot.png
Mix Console Screen Shot.png
So, when creating a bus to route a channel to, the output of my bus is not showing in the output of main LR. I utilized VST Connections to send output to a Drums bus (as indicated by the images/screenshots taken as track played). For some odd reason, the output of the drum buss never makes it to the main outs. All other tracks do mix-down fine with exception to the bussed track. I DID utilize VST Connections from drop-down menu to designate for Main LR.

Currently running Yamaha Motif XF8 via FW-16e firewire connection, fyi.

Help !



Drums Channel is already an Output Channel. You cannot route an Output Channel to another Output Channel.

Your goal was probably to make a “sub-mix”. Add a Grouo Channel and route the tracks output to this Grouo Channel. Then route the outout of the Group Channel to your main Out - i.e. Yamaha.

Thank you Martin !

I will try that.