Mix down with the metronome?

Hi! How can I do a mix down (downmix) with the metronome still on it? Just leave it with the metronome (click) on? Think I tried that but still the click sound wasnt on the mp3 file. But Is that how it should be done?


Hi do you have the audio click or a midi sound configured for the metronome?

As an alternative I would make a click track by programming in the midi notes and play it back as an (VSTi) instrument, that way I’m sure it will be in the final master, extra bargain is that you have the possibility of do some processing on the click track before mixing down.

Hi Robingardner,

what mroekalea suggests is a good way. That is how I’m creating a click-track with Groove Agend and some precussion instruments as a midi track. I don’t like the sound of the CB native click so much.

But if you want to go with that, do the following.
Mute all tracks of the project.
Create a new audio track.
Connect the line out or the heaphone jack of your interface to the line input.
Make sure the direct monitoring of the audio track is switched off - otherwise you risk feedback.
Now start recording for the length of your song. A audio click track will be created.
Now you can turn off the cubase click. When you now do an export, you can control if you have the click on the mix and control the proper level.

I would still recomend you to go the other way.



as mroekalea suggested create a percussive instrument in the arrange or rack (you can use groove agent) and route the instrument to the MIDI click (turn on the MIDI click option in the metronome settings, and use the route option there to route it ti the vsti)