MIX knob on UR22 issue


I have been using the UR22 interface for many years without issues. All of a sudden, I am not getting any audio OUT (1/L) at all when the MIX knob is turned fully clockwise where I always have it. Audio is present at first but it gradually decreases until the knob reaches around the 2 o’clock position, well before the knob is turned fully clockwise when the MIX is 100 % wet! At the 2 o’clock position the Audio OUT is not 100 % wet. The Audio OUT must
be 100 %.

I have been using Live Professor 2 (a VST Host) for many years with the UR22.

O/S: Windows 10

I would very much appreciate any suggestions!




I may have found - not certain at this point - the problem which may be related to the MIX knob (I believe the knob actuates the shaft of a potentiometer). When wiggling the knob, the Audio OUT when the MIX knob is turned all the way to the right (100% wet) seemed to reappear as it always has. DeOxit to de-oxidize the potentiometer may be a way to remedy this glitch.

Note that the Audio OUT in my “live application” is routed to a condenser microphone that is plugged into an amateur radio transmitter/receiver to broadcast on short-wave radio.