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Hi there !
Before I turn completely mad, please someone help me !
Under cubase pro it was easy to change the output level of my project using the vumetre, But under AI, I can’t find ia proper way. All my guitars and drums and stuff fit well together, and I just want to change the damned output level !!!
How do you make that miracle happen ? Thanks guys !

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Increase the Stereo Out volume (fader), please.

Thanks mate,
since I’m French, so is my cubase; where can I find that precious tool please ?

Open the MixConsole by pressing F3, or switch to the MixConsole tab in the Lower Zone. It’s the first tab.

Unfortunately, i don t see it in the mix console… is this some dark sorcery playing with my nerves ? But I must confess that nothing really moves in the console when playing the project…
i don’t understand a damn thing…

Screenshot of your mix console?

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There it is; and no “stereo out” appears;
Moreover, the song is playing and nothing moves; Under cubase Pro, it worked fine; What id I miss ?


Open the MixConsole window [F3], please.

You can’t open Cubase Pro projects in Cubase AI.
I mean, you can, but you’ll have all sort of problems with routing, tracks having no sound and plugins not being found.

hello, it seems that you are seeing only the inputs of your interface.

You must click on the 3 dots on the left at the top of the console, there you can select what type of channel you can see. I normally don’t want to see the inpits of my interface once I’m not recording anymore.
or simply scroll to the right to see more channels.

You can also use the G and H keys to use the zoom and be able to cover more channels on the console


In Cubase AI, there are no Zones. All Inputs are put to the Left Zone and all Outputs are put to the Right Zone automatically.

The Left and Right Zones are not scrollable.

So if you put these informations together… You can see all Inputs, which are in the Left Zone. The number of channels is bigger than the screen can show. But you can’t scroll (the Left Zone). Therefore you can see only Inputs.

Open the MixConsole window to be able to see more channels.

Holy fuckin shit, you found the answer. Problem is fixed !!!

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