Mixconsole 2 or 3 in lower part of screen

Hey all,

I’m using MixConsole 1 for all my ‘regular tracks’ and I use MixConsole 2 for all my group tracks, FX and Master Fader. However, I’d like to be able to switch between those 2 in the lower part of my Project Window. Is that possible at all or is this only ‘reserved’ for MixConsole 1?

It’s separate from the mix console windows, I suppose in part because it has a different set of controls. That’s a good idea though. Or at least have a configuration menu.

Good idea, but not possible as is.

However if you switch your uses for the 2 MixConsoles (i.e. regular Tracks on MixConsole 2) you could have the Groups etc. in the lower and the rest in a standalone Window.

Of course I thought about that as well and it can work, but… I took my sweet time setting up my project (including mixconsoles and all that), that it feels like wasted time to change that up again.

Besides… sometimes you want the tracks there, sometimes you want your groups and FX there.

The best would be to be able to pick which one you want to see, right? :slight_smile: