MixConsole - channel layout not stable

Loosely related to:- https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=90270&p=554695#p554695

This is on a 2 x 24" HD monitor set-up; project window on left, MixConsole on right. Both windows are maximised. Screen res is 1920x1080.

  1. New, Empty Project; add 4 audio tracks (just my example)
  2. Add FX Channel (empty, doesn’t have to have an actual effect - its just my example)
  3. Add a Group Channel (highlight above audio tracks in MixConsole -> right-click to ‘Add Group Channel to selected channels’)
  4. Open Window Layout box (Shift+F2) from MixConsole; check the Channel Selector, click outside to close the Window Layout box.
    4a. Go to ‘Zones’ tab and make Main Out, Group and FX channels ‘belong’ to the Right-hand ‘zone’.
  5. Zoom fully out in Mix Console (channels are as narrow as they’ll go).
  6. Open again the Window Layout box.
    6a. Ensure the checkbox is still active for the ‘Channel Selector’
  7. Then, move your mouse over to the ‘Control Room’ checkbox and toggle this on/off (maybe 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 times…)
  8. Watch and see what happens to those Main Out, FX and Group channels on the right - for me, they will ‘move’ out of place (or get stuck.?). Play around, hopefully you’ll see the same funny behaviour…!

    Ok, this is just an example (low track count) and not a very ‘real-world’ scenario. Its no big deal by any means. :slight_smile:

Maybe the underlying codepath here is still not as robust as it could be…? In turn, it may be contributing to other hiccups down the line (zoom settings not being recalled properly etc, etc…).? Of course, I’m guessing… :wink:

Thanks for listening,

[EDIT] forgot necessary component to see this issue 6a.!