MixConsole channel width changes on open

the mixconsole channel width changes every time i open/close the window with F3
the issue only occurs when mixconsole window is maximized

1- set the mixconsole channel width as i want
2- press F3 to close
3- press F3 to open. the window opens and the channel width changes (less channels are displayed)

another way to reproduce is
1- set the mixconsole channel width with the window not maximized
2- maximize the window. the channel width changes

Cubase pro 8.0.40
Win 7 64bit

I have the same problem. I reported it a few years back but no one else confirmed.

About have of the time my MixConsole starts up with tracks displayed at the maximum width. I have to hold down the G button for ~20 seconds to reduce their widths so that I can see all of them at once (which is the way they were when I closed the project). It’s a pain, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from SB.

Don’t expect this to be corrected anytime soon (or ever). They don’t care about quality.