MixConsole History Request

This is something I always long for when mixing a collection of songs/Album, etc.

It would be awesome if there was a way to export the mix history as a txt or pdf file for reference so a mix move, or setting, or something one applied in a particular mix could be applied in a similar way to other similar mixes, instead of going the route of a preset, or template. Another option would be to be able to access the previous history. As of now, when saving a project/mix, it wipes out the history when reopening the project.

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Don’t know if it helps, but I use “import tracks from project” regularly, when I want to have certain FX or plugin chains available for another project. That to me seems more “complete” than the import of the mix history somehow :thinking:

As for the previous mix console history: I too was thinking about that, but if I’m not mistaken they made snapshots to save/recall different mixes inside one project. Even if they mess with automation (or don’t do that).

I use import tracks from project all the time, and yes, it is a huge time saver, but most of the time, I’ll get a mix 90% of the way there, and come back and tweak it and if I were to use the same "tweaked"settings from song to song, it’d effect a myriad of other things that I would have to then adjust which is a rabbit hole that I prefer not to go down. :roll_eyes: The “List” or mix history list would be cool mainly as a reminder to address certain things in corresponding mixes that need to be addressed. I know it’d be useful for me…

For stuff like this that I want to document I use Windows’ Snip & Sketch (same as for posting here) to capture an image of the text. Would be nice to end up with actual text, but most of the time it does the job and is easy. Now if only we could put images in the Project Notepad…

There is

There is a plugin for that, and its completely free as well!


So it’s creating its own Notepad within the plug-in?

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This is a insert plugin, which can store pictures and text. It was designed to be able to recall HW settings, but you can use it as you wish of course. I use it when I am using certain guitar Amps/mics when recording, so I take a picture, of how they were set up, load it into the plugin and save it as a preset. Sometimes I add also text.

If I have another project and I want to have the exact same amp/mic settings on, I load snapshot 2, then the preset I need and have an easy time to recall.

If you don’t want to save pictures and just need a note pad, there are other plugins out there:

Cubase has its own notes on the tracks, but I somehow prefer to have them on my inserts, so everything is in the same place (and also accessible everywhere, as they are not possible to view in the mixconsole IIRC).

No you can see the Track Notes in the Mixconsole just fine. Although I think by default they might be Hidden. About a month ago I abandoned using Track Pictures in favor of Track Notes.

Ah okay, nice to know that works! Still I somehow prefer having the notes on my inserts!

There’s the free Melda MNotepad.

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I’d even settle for a way to copy the txt in the Mix History window! Then I could save it elsewhere.

The problem with that is, that there are no track names in the MixConsole history.
So even if you would be able to copy the text, how would you know, on which track the plugin parameter was changed?

MixConsole History: Track name is missing - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Also, when changing certain values, you only see the new value (i.e. when adjusting the volume) but not the original one. So having a list of all changes, even with track names is not helpful either, as you wouldn’t know the original value.

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