MixConsole History

So, unless I’m missing something, you can step back to any point in your mix history, but cannot undo just 1 parameter tweak from the history without wiping everything else that followed.

Please tell me I’m wrong, otherwise this is an almost pointless addition.

isn’t that pretty standard behavior for a “history” style setup? Photoshop and pretty much any other software with an extended undo capability work just like that…


Perhaps so but I was hoping for more flexibility & innovation.

That’s the way it looks from the videos (haven’t installed the update yet). I think you’re being a bit harsh though Steve. As pointed out above, this is pretty standard for any undo/history feature although what you are suggesting would certainly be very nice.

Having a mixer history at all is a good start. They could indeed enhance it and ‘branch’ it from a global level down to the history of selected events, channels, plugins.

But what do I say - don’t have it yet, in the middle of projects, no time for updating yet, but curious :wink:

That might involve quite a few “branches”, considering the number of variables.

I believe, however, that Nuendo has “Branch” undo function where if you back up and continue on you can create a new “Branch” from that point and not lose the old mix undo history.

Not sure what it includes, though. Probably not mixer stuff?

But it’s a cool concept in line with what you suggested.


Guess it won’t happen, at least not within the next years. For the moment let’s just be thankful for the mixer history which has become long overdue since it’s so easy to unintentionally change parameters while just trying to scroll in the mixer.

Anyway, another guess is that a kind of mixer scene/snapshot system will be introduced in 9.5. Call me a prophet if that’s going to happen :sunglasses:

Imagine a game of Jenga where you’ve decided to take the middle section of the tower away to put it on top.

Speaking of scrolling around in the MixConsole… is there actually way to globally turn off the scroll wheel functionality on parameters?

Does it keep the history from session to session? Or does it start over with each project activation like the standard history.

Save and open project again, no history. Just the same as project window.

:laughing: Great analogy.

It seems like if you wanted to undo a single event in the mixer history you could step back and undo that event plus everything after, take a look at what that parameter was before the change. Then change the history so it is current, including the event you want to undo, after that manually change the parameter to the earlier value.

Personally the value of having a mixer history is to recover from the “oh f*^V$ what did I just accidentally change” rather than a desire to go back to how the mix was 10 minutes ago. On the occasion I want to try different mix ideas I just save them as different projects.

Let us save different mixes,that would be nice like snapshots…then on the same project we can have multiple mixes

exactly that’s the reason a scenes/snapshot system for mixing is needed.some of us do mixing with virtual instruments loaded , loading such projects to just compare mixes is a bummer. (also for large audio projects)

Very well put, but we could save mixer snapshots, then A B them.


What I’d really like to see in the future something like ‘Mix Recall’ in Sonar:

You can save/recall all mixer/plugin/VSTi settings AND all automation data. Very powerful. Still, MixConsole history is a GREAT start.

I save projects as a new version almost hourly, making it very easy to step back. What I would find more useful is, say, going back 3 minutes to undo just 1 change that may not be working out (simple undo button next to the event). That’s how mixer history would benefit me the most. Perhaps this is a coding nightmare, I don’t know - I’m just a producer! But I agree this is a step in the right direction, but not a complete solution.

We have the same situation with Render In Place, and Import Tracks from Projects: both amazing additions, and used many times every day, but they could be implemented so much better, IMO.

Yes, as others are saying, it would seem to be a small step from a history to the ability to save snapshots of that history. Being able to compare mixes quickly would be invaluable, as well as the creative possibilities of switching mixes at the touch of a button. Come on Steinberg, you are tantalisingly close.

When I heard “MixConsole history” announced I just assumed it only applied to changes made to parameters face-up on the MixConsole (fader moves, EQ changes etc.) but only now discovered that it also includes parameter changes made INSIDE inserted plugins, including 3rd-party plugins. That’s a game-changer. Color me impressed.

But agreed, a snapshot feature or granular restore of individual changes in the history without having to rollback everything up to that point would be great. At least for most parameter changes you can see the value written into the history entry’s Action or Details column, ie: “StereoDelay / Feedback 18.5”.