MixConsole in 7.5

Seems to me the track widths resizing problem is back in 7.5.0. Whenever I exit and enter MixConsole my track widths are resized, it’s really annoying. Does anyone else have this problem? I’m on Windows 8 64-bit.

got it in 7 and was hoping it would be sorted in 7.5…apparently not then…Kevin

I don’t seem to have that problem, but i am on Mac …

Same here.

Indeed, there still a number of issues to be resolved with MC.

Here’s to hoping they won’t wont be put on a back burner whilst all the new release issues over shadow them!

Don’t want to wait another year until C 8 comes along with a myriad issues of its own with out all these issues having been laid to rest in a dignified manner!

Never had problem in 7 or 7.5. Windows 7 here

Had problem in 7.06 and have been using 7.5 on a few projects all day no issue yet. Seems so far this is the 1st stable version for me

i have MC fader resizing problem in 7.5 in this conditions

I didn’t have this problem in 7.0.6, but it is there in 7.5


I don’t have any problems with 7.5 . everything works like a charm :smiley:

No problems here on 7 or 7.5. I’m using two monitors with the MC set to full screen.

Using Cubase today and seem to be having no issues with it. Can’t seem to reproduce the resizing. Weird.

well obviously different behaviour in every other system with MC.
maybe its different settings,video card chipset ,screen resolutions who knows,!! for some it works with no issues and for others there are small to big issues :unamused:
maybe a guide from steinberg on how to set the daw to possible resolve it maybe helps for some.

FWIW no problems here either…

I am very Lucky! I have both behaviors… My Desktop PC running Windows 7 has the issue, but my Asus Laptop running with Windows 8.1 is retaining the zoom settings. Both PC went through the same update process as I left 7.0.6 on and installed 7.5. As I have to do a format of my desktop PC soon, I’ll wait until then to see if the issue goes away from a clean install.

No problems here!

Jim B

Didn’t have it in 7.06, but it is happening in 7.5 here.

Gazillions of people having this problem. Issue reported numerous times :

and more…

Crazy to think they decide to release a software with so bold issues. Clearly we’re in trouble : my professional life is in their hands as i can’t use another software suddenly. I’m trapped. Now it is obvious we cannot count on this people anymore.