MixConsole Key Command Questions

  1. There’s a new preference for ‘click when selected background’. What does that actually -do-?

  2. If you select a track, you can hold down the shift key and left or right key to add tracks to the selection. But… let’s say you use the right arrow to add 3 tracks to the selection. OK, you have -4- tracks selected. But you went one too far. You wanted to only select -3- tracks. Is there a key command to de-select the last track? (Like how when you hilight a block of text in MS Word you can up or down arrow to increase -or- decrease the amount of selected text.)

  3. After you select a bunch of contiguous tracks, how do you move the red ‘cursor’ with the key commands but keep the tracks selected? (Like how you can keep a block of text hilighted in MS Word but move the cursor elsewhere.)

  4. Is there a ‘Link Selected Tracks’ key command?