Mixconsole look

Hi all , not to happy about the channel strip look ,the greyish look just spoils the overall look of the mixconsole .or is there a way to change this ?
Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 20.53.34.jpg

Aloha T,

I see what you mean.

I have not found a way to do you asked but
perhaps someone has figured it and will tell us how.

But I do notice that when back in C6.5 it
now seems so ‘bright’ and ‘stark’ to me.

Kind hurts.

Mixconsole has many requests for more color customization of the surface. hopefully in next update ?
i also don’t like the too grayish style MC and font contrast issues.(for me ,hard to see things clearly)

Hi T,

You don’t like the padded cell in the insane asylum look?

Why not?

I love the look, but it doesn’t function that will in my case. (gfx glitch, the need to scrool + adjust). Other than that I think it’s good… but it’s rough being beta tester right now.