Mixconsole Lower Zone Suggestion

I don’t know if it’s a dumb idea, but sometimes I wish I could hide the faders in the mixconsole, so that I could have more screen to be able to quickly tamper equalizer settings, manipulate sends and cues, and have a better overview of the channel strips of the whole mix.

Something tells me that the emphatically missing lower zone from mixconsole implies that the fader view must be a deeply rooted component of the mixer view (duh :laughing: ) and that it’s probably impossible to have a mixer without faders, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?

It would look something like this, with a sliver at the bottom for selecting channels and Q-Linking and whatnot.

What’s that screenshot? Volume faders are missing? must be a bug!
please call steinberg hotline immediatelly. :open_mouth:

It think it make sense. If you work with a remote controller you have your faders there. You have 3 other mixer views. I use one of them for input monitoring and there it is only waste of space with the drawbars.

I would be happy if I could hide the faders too.