Mixconsole on top?

Hello happy C9 users! I have a question: is it possible for the mixconsole to be always on top? That feature disapeared a while ago and I know that I’m not the only one to regret it.

No… the AOT option is not back.

Instead, I think, that they tried to implement the lower MixConsole but, they did not allow for all of the features of the regular MixConsole to be used in the lower MixConsole. So the AOT feature for the regular MixConsole is still needed.

Sad really :unamused:

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Thanks for your answer. Is there the VU meter in the lower mixconsole?

No… you would have to use a VST for that. Maybe someone will chime in with a suggestion for a good one.

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This free one looks cool but I have no idea if it is any good (as I don’t use one).


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Ok, thanks a lot. I do have a vst for that somewhere, but I found more convenient to use the one of the mixconsole. But that AOT issue ruins it somehow…
Thanks again.