Mixconsole: Racks steal focus when using Add Left/Add Right

Equalizer Curve, Channel Racks, and Channel Latency racks, if present, will steal focus from the selection, not allowing for quick fader/pan adjustments.

To reproduce:

  1. Add some tracks
  2. Go to Mixconsole
  3. In Window Layout Setup, remove all racks.
  4. Select a channel with the mouse (click on name beneath fader)
  5. Use Shift+Right (add right command) some times
  6. Increase Primary Parameter (ctrl+Shift+Up)
  7. Go to step 3, add one rack at a time, and see when step 6 fails.

The problematic workaround is to use Project: Select Track: Add Next instead, with “Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole” enabled.

The problem then lies in folding, because a single track, an instrument for example, may have more than one outputs, which will be skipped over when navigating with “Select Track: Next/Add Next”. The same applies for closed folders. They will not be navigated through (in MixConsole), because they are perceived as one track when it comes to navigation.

A video always helps.


This is known and already reported issue. Already in Cubase for ages. Thank you.