MixConsole: Save Snapshots vs Save MixConsole Settings

I recently upgraded to Cubase 11 Pro from Elements, and would appreciate help in understanding when one would save MixConsole settings using the function menu to create a .vsm file rather than saving a Snapshot. In Elements, the latter was my only option short of saving multiple projects. Snapshots are much faster to load and switch between compared to .vsm files. Also, .vsm files do not save routing, and it is annoying to have to browse through folders to find the .vsm files for each project. Snapshots are right there, but you have a limited number of snapshots compared to .vsm which have no limits. In theory, one could use .vsm files in other projects, unlike Snapshots which are stored within each project. It seems to me track/insert chain presents, or templates would be better for that.

Please tell me what use cases favor .vsm files over MixConsole snapshots.

I have a related question, about Snapshot behavior. If I save a Snapshot, then later remove say an FX track that was part of the original Snapshot, when I recall that Snapshot in the future, will it accurately recall the settings and configurations for the remaining tracks, i.e. the ones I did not remove? What happens if I add an FX track (or more) after I save a Snapshot, then recall the Snaphot?

I appreciate any information you can share on this topic. Thanks.


MixConsole Snapshots are within the project. You cannot transfer the snapshot to other project. The MixConsole settings is useful to transfer your mix to another project.

Hi Martin, thanks very much for your quick and helpful response.