MixConsole suddenly taking far too long to populate in 13.0.30

OK, I very often hit F3 to bring up the MixConsole to mess with inserts & such. After updating from 13.0.21 to 13.0.30, suddenly there’s a blue bar near the top that has to fill up before my inserts show up. This takes a few seconds. It used to be maybe 300 milliseconds or so to bring everything up. Not great, but tolerable.

This new situation really sucks. Yet another workflow killer that I don’t recall anyone asking for.

Larry Page of Google fame made many billions of dollars in large part due to him, very ironically, insisting and demanding that his engineers make Google ultra fast and responsive, to never get in the way of human rhythm, because he was a trained musician. It’s true, look it up. The great irony is that Steinberg, a major player in the DAW market, seem to be more or less ignoring this very thing.

And here I am, yet again, getting to spend my time on their illustrious forum griping about it rather than making music. I tried to let it go, but I can’t. It’s a regression. A legitimate, genuine regression from 13.0.21.

What’s the deal, Steinberg? What happened?

Edit: I worked around this by just leaving the MixConsole open and assigning the F2 as a hotkey to bring my Project window to the front, so F3 will instantly ‘open’ the MixConsole after that. I just have to remember to not accidentally hit F3 twice, which will be a hard habit to break.

It’s the little things, Steinberg. It really is. Please take a cue from my little Larry Page anecdote above: the closer you can get Cubase to responding instantly to whatever we tell it to do on a reasonably fast computer, the more money you will make.

And I want you to make lots and lots of money so you can hire more engineers with this mindset and I can be generally happy making music again.


Opening and closing the mixer is instantaneous for me with 25 tracks and about 25 plug-ins in Cubase Pro 13.0.30.
MacOS 13.6.3

Thanks. I’m on PC. Maybe that has something to do with it. Either way, this is annoying. I keep wanting to have my faith in this software restored, but it’s just not happening. I have so much on my PC that’s preventing me from switching to a Mac, but maybe I should get one strictly for music production. I don’t know. I really prefer PC as an overall environment, though. And I keep hearing about all these Mac-only issues, too. Just have to ignore the small stuff and move on.

It’s funny to me, I don’t care about the new fader caps at all, but there’s like this massive bellyaching thread on the main update announcement. I care about functional and performance things above all else. Just want to work fast and on a rock-stable platform. That’s all I really care about. I can adjust to a UI with too much or too little contrast or whatever if it’s not extreme.

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@Armand - known issue, or no? Muscle memory is hard to break, so my workaround isn’t quite working out all that well. Please, please just make it possible to toggle Project or MixConsole in the foreground with just a single key and without closing the MixConsole.

That is all I ask. Or fix whatever broke, but I’ll take the fastest possible path to resolution here. Using this program is like death by a thousand papercuts in that all the tiny little annoyances just stack up to a frustrating user experience. Would love it to be less so. Wish Steinberg would appoint an Annoyance Czar to annoy the devs sufficiently to prioritize rounding off these edges. They really do get in the way.

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MacOS has its own problems. Expensive, at the mercy of Apple’s hardware and software upgrade policies.

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Yeah. Used to use Mac and Logic for a while back in the day. Endless issues.

Just wish the whole industry would collude to take an “innovation holiday” and focus strictly on building truly stable, performant “foundation” versions for the next three years or so. I could honestly do without new features for a while if it meant every bug of any significance would finally be squashed.

Well i tried but all well here.
Hit short cut key, Mixer appears,
Hit same key mixer closes
Go as fast as I can go on the key, no problems.

Sorry, no help I know


I’m not sure if this is related to the OP’s issue but my Cubase 13.0.30 had trouble shutting down one of my projects. It seemed to freeze on closing the Mixconsole. I left it to close on its one (it was closed when I came back an hour later) but then had an error when trying to open Cubase even after restarting the computer.

All is working ok now so I won’t pursue it further, just wanted to support the OP.


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Thanks, Ricardo, but that doesn’t sound related: in Cubase 12, open & closing the MixConsole took under a second. Now it takes over 3 seconds to open and populate.

I don’t ever really need it fully “closed”, so being able to toggle whether or not it’s in the foreground with a single key would solve this.

Thank you, anyway! It was fine before this most recent update. Not instant, but tolerably fast, well under a second. Now it has to load and populate all the channels for some reason.

Not here on win 10. It’s instantaneous. Sounds like a lack of graphic card memory or a gfx driver issue. Seeing it populate means it was not in memory at that moment. Here all cubase were instantaneous, not just acceptable.

Strange. Would have to be a driver issue, not a memory issue if that’s the case: it’s an RTX 4090 I’m running.

Either way, would be super nice if Steinberg spent time making sure that mainstream graphics cards work fine under all conditions. I swear, it seems to be only Cubase I have such a constant stream of annoying little issues to deal with.

Perhaps check out your 4090 drivers & latency mon, update or reinstall etc, eg, see
Massive latency-lag issues with my 4090 | Overclock.net

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Interesting. I was just looking at that very thread independently the other day, but couldn’t find much that applied to me right out of the gate. I did update my NVIDIA drivers recently, so perhaps that is somehow contributing.

Honestly, I wish Steinberg would stay on them and lobby these issues away somehow. That the highest end consumer graphics card currently available causes such slowdowns in a popular content creation application is just… welcome to the 2020s, I guess. It’s just bizarre how software has entered this weird limbo state of having more power available to it than any point in history by far, but still manage to have these performance-crushing glitches and bottlenecks.

Thanks for the help everyone, either way. I’ll keep trying. Not like I have music to make or anything… :roll_eyes:

Holy moly! OK, I found a fix: used NVCleanstall to download & install the latest STUDIO driver for win10 (I’m on win11: win7 and win10 are the only options) and performed a clean installation.

Magically and inexplicably, it’s back to nearly instant opening and population. Now I don’t have to learn new muscle memory!