MixConsole Visibility Zone limits the number of tracks.

Hello all.

In the MixConsole. On the top left is the Visibility tab selected. On the bottom left is the Zones tab selected.
On the left pane of Visibility, all of the tracks have the middle dot selected. When I click on the right dot, the channel appears in the Mixconsle.
This is great. I select a dozen to the “right dot” Visibility, and all of those tracks are displayed in the MixConsole. I can now save this Configuration under titles like “Chorus”, “Verse”, “Intro”… And any time I am mixing a section, I can bring up the configuration I have set for that.

The problem I am having is getting more than 23 channels/tracks to appear in the MixConsole. For example. If I select more than 23 tracks/channels to the “right dot” in the Visibility tab, I will not see #24 and up in the MixConsole. I have no scroll option.

How do I get all the channels/tracks to show?


You should be able to see all 3 Zones in the MixConsole. Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Btw, you are right, for the Left and Right Zone, there are no scrollbars. Therefore we use the Mid zone as the main one, and put just a few Channels to the Left or Right Zone.

Thanks Martin,

It seems left or right, there is only so many one can choose. I’m sure it is my understanding how things should work isn’t correct.

Here is the video. Hope it helps



This is the design issue, I was writing about. The Left and the Right Zone don’t have the scroller. So once you place more then X (in your case, for this Zoom level and your screen size X = 23) channels to the Left Zone, there is no scroll bar, so you cannot scroll in the Left Zone to see other Channels there. And the channels from the Mid Zone are hidden (shifted to the right), same as the Right Zone.

If you would Zoom Out, you would see more then 23 Channels, but you would reach the limit later too. If you would Zoom In, you would reach the limit sooner.

If you want to show/hide some channels, use the Visibility feature, please.

Hi Martin,

is the design flaw as displayed in the video by SonicSonar going to be addressed in any maintenance release or with Cubase 11?

I’d rather say that it should be added as an issue since, as shown in the video, it makes the zones less usable and with dedicated scroll feature it would be really benificial!


Thanks Martin for taking a look and clearing things up.