MixConsole: What's The Trick To Load/Save Presets?

I’m getting more and more confused/dismayed with MixConsole.

It used to be that you could right click most anywhere on a channel (or inside the editor) and get the load/save presets option. Now, it seems like when you right click most places on the channel you get a series of options related to adding new tracks and so on, but no Load/Save Presets.

BUT, if I right click at the top (where the pan thingee is) -there- you can Load/Save Presets. How come?

What’s the ‘trick’… ie, method/reasoning to this?

If there’s a good explanation, I’m all ears, but otherwise, I’d rather they add the Load/Save Presets as options to the one right click menu -everywhere- on the channel strip -and- in the Editor.


PS: Is it me, or are there a lot of places where instead of getting -easier- things are getting more convoluted? Like I have to remember to be in -exactly- the right place in order for function ‘A’ to execute. It’s getting less and less intuitive, what with all these hidden ‘capabilities’.

Are you talking about Track Presets or VST Presets or both?

I found that any time a preset wasn’t available, whether re-installing Cubase or upgrading that so long as my projects were accessible and plugins were installed I could then re-save and they’d be available in the media bay.

I am yet to get accustomed to using track presets but I believe that files for either are available as .trackpreset or .vstpreset file extensions and you can simply place them in the proper directories for whatever Cubase version you are using (don’t know about backwards compatibility).

I have a few such files backed up on online storage so I never lose them.

What was Steinbergs goal behind all those changes, which in fact are hiding or erasing “good old” well known functionality?
It´s like buying a new car with the position of the break and the gas pedals changed, because it looks more modern…

ps: the emo-post above is another good example of one of his many posts, which should simply be ignored…so we should do so :wink:
don´t feed the troll!

Channel and Rack configuration toolbar in the top-left corner of the MixConsole? :question:

At the risk of sounding even more pissy, “I’m a Doctor, Jim, NOT an engineer!” Ya know how you can tell that a program is hard to use? When you can’t describe something in WORDS. When you need to take screen caps for people to understand…

The first piccie is what happens if I right click on a track at the top (at the panner). I get the Load/Save Presets menus.

The second is what happens if I right click on a track anywhere else along the strip. I get options to Add a new track and so on.

—Why is it liked that—? I clicked and clicked and clicked for 5 minutes before stumbling on the Load/Save Presets.


Yes, the mixer is full of area-specific right-click menu’s.
Why I do not know, personally I have much bigger problems…like the mixer showing up stretched/buggy gfx etc

All part of the fun and enjoyment that is Cubase!