MixConsole Window Doesn't retain Zoom setting

I like to be zoomed out with channels as narrow as they can be while I’m working. When I switch back and for between Workspaces, the zoom setting goes back to its defaulted state.

Kinda annoying to have to zoom out every time.
Any suggestions?


Zoom level is not taken in account with Workspaces.

Make a Zoo preset or use already existing preset. You can also make a Macro: call the Workspace + call the Zoom Preset.

this is with the arranage window yea?

I’m referring to the mix window, in particular the width of the fader channels. I’d like them to be as narrow as possible.

I don’t see where to save a zoom preset for the mix window.


The Zoom of all windows is not stored. Same as Channel Width (which is kind of “Zoom” too; at least we are using the same Key Commands).

Unfortunately, there is no way, how to store dedicated Channel Width. The Width is calculated anytime you open the MixConsole. It aways tries to fill the window as much as possible. Which leads to the errors, the MixConsole doesn’t look the same, like you closed it. :-/

thanks bud :confused: