Mixdown & Export issue to MP3 / Wav

Im using CuBase 6 LE and can not do a mixdown of a complete song containing multiple tracks and export to mp3 or wave.

Is it down to the version I`m using and so is fully available in version 7 (Element), 7.5 and 8 as standard?


Anyone to shine a light on my previous question?

Thanks again.


I have read on another forum (motifator.com) that LE cannot export a multi-track mixdown, but you can solo one track and export it. I have been able to do this, but as you mentioned in a previous post, my wav file is silent when I play it. I’m sure there is something that I am missing?

Do you have your “locators” set correctly. Check the “Export” window that it’s going to do what you want it to. You may want to check the user manual regarding exporting a song.
I presume you are exporting audio tracks.